Sewage Cleanup

Sewage and Sump Pump Cleanup in Kansas City and Surrounding Areas

Sewage Cleanup Services Kansas City | Absolute Water Restoration - IMG_1535Has your basement or home been flooded by a sewer back up, sump-pump failure, septic overflow? Don’t try to clean it up yourself! There are many health hazards that go along with dirty water. Short term skin contact, ingestion, and even inhaling the air for a period of time can cause issues. The tiny microbes that infest the water need to be dealt with using professional equipment and hazmat safety equipment.


24/7 IICRC Certified Sewer Water Cleanup 

Sewage Cleanup Services Kansas City | Absolute Water Restoration - certifiedlogoAt the first sign of sewage in your home, basement, crawl space, or bathroom call Absolute Water Restoration. We have technicians available all day, every day to answer your call and get to your home or business within the hour. Don’t let hazardous water seep into your foundation, flooring, or walls. Get immediate remediation of sewage before it affects your home or your health. 


Professional Mitigation of Sewer Water

Sewage Cleanup Services Kansas City | Absolute Water Restoration - IMG_1535Basement floods of any kind can be dangerous. If your basement was flooded with sewage from a backup up city sewer line, clogged pipe, toilet back up or sump-pump failure get the professional sewage clean up and restoration your home or business needs. Absolute Water Restoration Services is on call 24/7 to safely remove the contaminated water, professionally treat the affected surfaces to clean, disinfect, and deodorize the area, and leave you with a safe, clean smelling room.


Healthy, Environmentally Safe Sewage Cleanup

At Absolute Water Restoration, we take a healthy approach to clean up and restoration. We only use products that are safe for the environment and safe for you and your family. If we wouldn’t use it in our own homes, we won’t use it in yours. 

Crawl Space Water Mitigation

If your crawl space has been flooded with sewage, storm water, flood water of any kind, call Absolute Water Restoration any time, any day. Do not attempt to clean sewage up without the proper equipment and hazmat gear. Our IICRC trained experts will assess the damage, provide fair and honest quotes for clean up, disinfection and air purification of your crawl space and any other affected areas. 

EMERGENCY HOTLINE: 1-844-Flooding  or  Call: (844) 356-6346

Our quick response water damage contractors are on the spot with advanced equipment to remove water and dry affected areas as soon as possible. We monitor efforts to bring you a thoroughly dried property.